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You can take the girl out of the evangelical church but…

If you’d been driving up the A690 at about 10pm on Wednesday night, and you’d driven up alongside a little white Chevy (before inevitably overtaking it), you’d have heard a song belted out with unlikely enthusiasm. “LORD, I give you … Continue reading

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A rally of extremists?

In the sort of Christianity I grew up with, offending people was not a problem. The gospel is offensive, we’d say – it’s offensive to people’s pride to say that we all need rescuing, it’s offensive to a relativist cultural philosophy to … Continue reading

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If you don’t know me by now…

You don’t need to be a psychologist to work out that a person who blogs is a person who wants to be known. A person who writes every week or two about their experiences, opinions, questions and fears is a … Continue reading

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It’s okay kids, God can pulverize.

The world of children’s Christian songs is a very strange place.  Try explaining Silly Songs with Larry (or just the concept of Veggietales) to someone who didn’t grow up with it and you’ll get looks of genuine concern and bewilderment. … Continue reading

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Why I’ve stopped worshipping.

It’s a stupid and ridiculous thing to do, to worship. I don’t mean it’s stupid to sing songs. I like a proper, hearty sing once or twice a week. But any good church will tell you pretty quickly that worship … Continue reading

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