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From nun school to vicar school.

It’s been two years since I began my time with the Community of St Anselm, and over at Lambeth Palace, a new cohort will be just getting to grips with their rule of life. As they step into a challenging … Continue reading

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The body of Christ and its Ministers’ bodies

I blinked, again. I didn’t understand why this woman was looking at me with such eager glee. “Is something happening, is it?” She repeated. I racked my brains.  Plenty is happening in my life right now, she could mean anything. … Continue reading

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Mission-shaped girl: trials and errors.

I had no energy for yet another debate on philosophical arguments for the existence of God. So I backed slowly away and went to play cards instead. At 17 years old, and having been among the same school friends for … Continue reading

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Waiting: it makes no difference.

We packed our bags, loaded up the van, and set off on the 8-hour drive to the North East – and it felt like the moment had finally come. Since Rose was accepted for ordination training, we knew our lives … Continue reading

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“I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue.”

Nearly a month ago, I left my job, my house and my friends in London and drove for what felt like days up the motorway to start my new life in the Great North East. And when people asked me, … Continue reading

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Free to say yes.

It won’t go away. It’s a sense I’ve had since I was small, and it’s hovered around for years. At particular moments, it’s been almost overwhelming, but mostly it just sits somewhere in my gut. When it wants attention, it … Continue reading

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Career Christians and selfish ambitions.

‘Any ambition to become a bishop now?’ …is the latest question being asked of female clergy across the land, now that the Church of England’s General Synod has voted to remove the barriers to them doing so. I doubt many … Continue reading

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