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Mission-shaped girl: trials and errors.

I had no energy for yet another debate on philosophical arguments for the existence of God. So I backed slowly away and went to play cards instead. At 17 years old, and having been among the same school friends for … Continue reading

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How to be an attractive human

If you wanted to advertise Christianity, you would never make me the model for your campaign. But bizarrely, I’m reading a book about evangelism and enjoying it. Evangelism sort of feels like doing PR for Jesus; it’s ‘sharing the good news’, and … Continue reading

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The lost, the cursed, the damned. Yes, that’s you.

Name calling is rude. I’ve been taught that ever since I thought “poo-face” and “fart-bum” were hilarious and original insults (which I still do, by the way). Shame Christians don’t always practice what we preach.  If you don’t call yourself … Continue reading

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