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You can take the girl out of the evangelical church but…

If you’d been driving up the A690 at about 10pm on Wednesday night, and you’d driven up alongside a little white Chevy (before inevitably overtaking it), you’d have heard a song belted out with unlikely enthusiasm. “LORD, I give you … Continue reading

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Anti-gay blackmail fodder: how Christians treat children in poverty

It stopped me in my tracks. Not literally; the tube I was sat on thankfully kept running along its tracks just as it should, but I was dumbfounded. As I travelled home from a beautiful evening of wining, dining, and … Continue reading

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If love was stronger than hell.

There are things to be said for “tough preaching”.  You know the sort. The sermons or books or mission week talks that set out “the gospel” as clear as day. They put it bluntly, they don’t shy away from the … Continue reading

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The lost, the cursed, the damned. Yes, that’s you.

Name calling is rude. I’ve been taught that ever since I thought “poo-face” and “fart-bum” were hilarious and original insults (which I still do, by the way). Shame Christians don’t always practice what we preach.  If you don’t call yourself … Continue reading

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Sometimes I contradict myself (or, When I am a massive hypocrite).

I was all set to sit down and write something about bad Biblical interpretation and better Biblical interpretation, using all of my expert theology knowledge, to helpfully (and slightly smugly) correct all those who are doing it wrong. Then I … Continue reading

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When the Bible loses its magic.

Disenchantment. It’s what Disneyland adverts rely on, reminding parents that their children won’t be forever wide-eyed and overawed at meeting Disney characters. Kids grow up, they remind us, so best take them to Disneyland now while the magic is still … Continue reading

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The V-Word: Our Evangelical obsession

It’s always a little bit worrying when evangelicals start writing about virginity. So to alleviate your worries from the outset, here are three things I’m not intending to do: 1) I’m not starting a new conversation. I’m probably not saying … Continue reading

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