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In at the deep end: doing Holy Week wholly.

It’s started.  The week leading up to Easter has always been, for me, a break from busy life. Last year I spent the long weekend holidaying with friends in Wales. Previously, it’s been time off from university and school, time … Continue reading

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No, Prime Minister: on David Cameron’s Easter message

David Cameron has written an ‘Easter message’ for Christians, through Premier Christianity. Bad move, Dave. Very bad move.  For a start, he’s called it an ‘Easter message’ when it’s actually just the same old defence of his government’s policies on … Continue reading

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"…that distinction would always belong to a woman."

I think every family has silly sayings which seem perfectly normal to those on the inside but a bit odd to the rest of the world.  In our family, one of those is “When Dad’s queen…” because Dad often has … Continue reading

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