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The body of Christ and its Ministers’ bodies

I blinked, again. I didn’t understand why this woman was looking at me with such eager glee. “Is something happening, is it?” She repeated. I racked my brains.  Plenty is happening in my life right now, she could mean anything. … Continue reading

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Cynicism vs soup.

Every time I start to write about prayer, I stop praying. And then I have to stop writing. It’s happened at least three times now. I guess it’s a bit like how, the moment you think you’ve cracked humility, you … Continue reading

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A straight man, the Church, and my deepest desires.

I haven’t cried at a Christian conference since the summers of big tops, neon lights and smoke machines at festivals I went to as a teenager. And I’ve never shed tears at events related LGBT issues – I pride myself … Continue reading

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Jesus needs me.

  Once upon a time, God needed a donkey. It sounds like the start of an ancient fable, perhaps a story of origins or a long forgotten myth from a time when people believed in talking beasts and warring gods. … Continue reading

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Banging that LGBT drum… again

“The Gay Agenda” Apparently the worst fear of American conservative Christians. It’s the phrase that’s brought out whenever there’s a small step forward in LGBT rights, whenever society at large decides in a new way that LGBT people are human … Continue reading

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There is rest for the wicked.

© Copyright Esther Simpson and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Licence. I lay there, refusing to open my eyes, silently cursing the sunlight burning my eyelids. I tried to get my bearings with minimum effort: blinds still open, still wearing last night’s clothes, … Continue reading

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I saw the stars. I heard God.

  I never thought pews were that comfortable, even the ones with big long cushions across them like ours. But it turns out that lying on them, with a kneeler for a pillow, is surprisingly relaxing. So there I was, … Continue reading

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