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I’ve seen hope born.

It’s hard to tell a story that isn’t yours alone – especially a story that weaves in and out of years, a story that can’t be untangled from everything else you’ve known. I’ve told my Mum she needs to write … Continue reading

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Love, you x

Note to self: Take it easy on yourself and be kind. Say sorry, try to mean it. Say it ‘til you do. Forgive when you don’t feel it. Love until you do. Put grace into practice. Model compassion. Parent and … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day: An affirmation of faith

This Saturday will be International Women’s Day. In reading about it, I stumbled across this declaration of faith on the Christian Aid website here. I don’t want to comment on it at all because it speaks so firmly for itself. … Continue reading

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Recycled Epiphany

Vast blankets lift, sheets of grey shift. New fluffy formations as off white wisps drift. Each gentle breath, no memory left. The closest companions so casually cleft. Cliques cluster fast, no regard for their past. And little for light as … Continue reading

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Stubborn hope.

Stubborn hope, you’re unrelenting, Chipping away patiently at fear and despair. Stubborn peace, soar above my resenting, Breathing forgiveness that’s far beyond fair. Stubborn joy, you refuse to be broken By circumstances flying out of control. Stubborn faith, grind into … Continue reading

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Boxes  safe, Contained and small,There you’re no challenge.I understand it all.And I’ve got you sorted, Summed up well,In my pithy phrases,Because we can tell That a God like youMust prefer our prayers,Our types of songs,Our style over theirs.And you live in my boxesIn … Continue reading

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You took me on adventures, we went climbing on the rocks, Nets and buckets in hand we’d find creatures in the pools. You’d trust me to explore, to balance, clamber and jump, But you’d be there when I needed you, … Continue reading

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