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Yes, it’s racist: 5 objections to The Gospel Coalition’s article

I’ve never written about race before. And for that, I’m sorry. The racism that is still prevalent in white Christian circles and in the structures of our society demands both words and action to make change. And those words and … Continue reading

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Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…

I’ve struggled at various times with what ‘sin’ really means. I wrote about it a few years ago, in ‘Reclaiming sin for myself‘ and ‘Sexual guilt, and how to do it better‘. But in the last few months, everything has … Continue reading

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A straight man, the Church, and my deepest desires.

I haven’t cried at a Christian conference since the summers of big tops, neon lights and smoke machines at festivals I went to as a teenager. And I’ve never shed tears at events related LGBT issues – I pride myself … Continue reading

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A rally of extremists?

In the sort of Christianity I grew up with, offending people was not a problem. The gospel is offensive, we’d say – it’s offensive to people’s pride to say that we all need rescuing, it’s offensive to a relativist cultural philosophy to … Continue reading

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Banging that LGBT drum… again

“The Gay Agenda” Apparently the worst fear of American conservative Christians. It’s the phrase that’s brought out whenever there’s a small step forward in LGBT rights, whenever society at large decides in a new way that LGBT people are human … Continue reading

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God taught me to argue back.

This brave, honest and articulate post comes from my favourite sister, who inspires me, challenges me and makes me laugh (both with and at her). When I was about 12, I came home from my first ever ‘Christian Adventure Camp’. … Continue reading

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If I’m a little less militant now…

These little comics called ‘Coffee with Jesus’ pop up on Facebook sometimes and make me smile. Here’s one my Dad shared the other day: It made me smile because it was one of my many ‘Ah, I used to be … Continue reading

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