BREAKING NEWS: Entrepreneur solves global hunger crisis.

This is huge. This is game-changing. This is… a group of three adjectives to get your attention?

This is so important in fact, that while I’m leaving for Colombia in 9 hours and haven’t started packing yet, I still need to take a few minutes to share this with you.

“They have famine. We have leftovers. Some things are just meant to be.”

We all know poverty is a big problem. 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry tonight. Fortunately, this man in a suit has come up with the answer. Please, take 2 minutes and 42 seconds of your time to watch the video below, and if you’re inspired, visit the Leftovers for Africa website.


(Want to do something that actually makes a difference? See what you can do that will only take a minute. And if this video made you smile, why not pass it on?)


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@claireylegs Keen on Jesus. Keen on justice. Ministry assistant in the Great North East. Blogger. Find me in: coffee shop / church / pub / bed.
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