One Body – CEYC poem

[I spent this weekend at the Church of England Youth Council meeting, which was great – I’ll probably have something more to write about it later. As part of the worship for this morning, I wrote this poem – it’s based on 1 Corinthians 12:12-26, and I hope it reflects something of the strong desire that the whole council felt for unity despite, and perhaps because of, diversity.]

We are many people, we are many parts,
But we are one body, with one beating heart.
We have different passions, each with our own gifts,
But our unity runs deeper than superficial rifts.
Baptised in to Christ, whoever we are,
His love has drawn close strangers who were far.
Not one unimportant, not one valued less,
So the strong work together, the weaker to bless.
God’s brought us together, not left on our own.
When one part is hurting, it can’t suffer alone.
But the body is to comfort and commit to each other,
Bearing the burdens of our sisters and brothers.
As our voices join and one song we sing,
We proclaim to the world that Jesus is king.


About Claire

@claireylegs Keen on Jesus. Keen on justice. Ministry assistant in the Great North East. Blogger. Find me in: coffee shop / church / pub / bed.
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2 Responses to One Body – CEYC poem

  1. steven Fischer says:

    Claire, what am awesome poem and picture. We have a mens weekend coming up at church and would like to know if I may use both. Our theme is ‘We are many parts’.

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